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Pre-made Buffer

Total / 81cases

Product,No,Capacity list
Product Cat.No Capacity
10X Tris-Glycine (W/SDS)
IBS-BT014 1 L
TE Buffer, pH 8.0
IBS-BT011 500 ㎖
20X TBS with 1% Tween-20, PH7.4
IBS-BT008A 1 L
20x TBS Buffer
IBS-BT008 1 L
10X TBS with Tween 20
IBS-BT007-1 5 L
10X TBS with Tween 20
IBS-BT007 1 L
10X TBS Buffer
IBS-BT005-1 5 L
10X TBS Buffer
IBS-BT005 1 L
10X TBE DNA Sequencing Grade
IBS-BT004-1 5 L
10X TBE Buffer
IBS-BT004 1 L