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DNA-spin™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17096 50 col. Inquire
17098 200 col. Inquire

Spin column type of product for separation/purification up to 20ug of high purity Plasmid DNA

  • • Up to 20ug high yield and high purity of plasmid DNA can be obtained by separation and purification with high reproducibility.
  • • Separation and purification for up to 30 kb of plasmid DNA
  • • Containing Lysis & Neutralization indicator (Lysis Viewer)

DNA-Spin™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is able to perform separation and purification for high concentrated, purity plasmid DNA from bacteria using silica membrane and optimized alkali lysis buffering system. Neutralization buffering system used for pH neutralization and binding perform not only separation/purification for plasmid DNA over 30Kb, but also remove chromosomal DNA, cell debris effectively after lysis. Also, pH change through alkaline lysis method can be observed visually in real time because the product contains lysis & neutralization indicator such as Lysis Viewer (Figure 1). Product is used for either High-copy plasmid DNA or low-copy plasmid DNA and in order to perform separation and purification effectively from endA+ strain(HB101, the JM strains, NM series strains, PR series strains, etc.), Washing Buffer A is provided separately.

Figure1. Changes observed by Lysis Viewer

  • 01Ligation & transformation
  • 02PCR & Real-time PCR
  • 03Microinjection
  • 04Transfection
  • 05Automated fluorescent
  • 06Restriction digestion etc.
Kit Contents
Contents 50 COLUMNS 200 COLUMNS
Resuspension Buffer 15ml × 1 ea 55ml × 1 ea
Lysis Buffer 15ml × 1 ea 55ml × 1 ea
Neutralization Buffer 20ml × 1 ea 80ml × 1 ea
Washing Buffer A 30ml × 1 ea 140ml × 1 ea
Washing Buffer B(Concentration) 10ml × 1 ea 40ml × 1 ea
Elution Buffer 20ml × 1 ea 20ml × 1 ea
Spin Column & Collection tube
(Yellow color)
50 Columns & tubes 200 Columns & tubes
RNase A (Lyophilized powder) 9mg/ml × 1 tube 33mg/ml × 1 tube
Lysis Viwer 60 µl 220 µl
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
Technical Data

Observation based on effects of Plasmid Copy No.

After extracting plasmid DNA from high copy number and low copy number using DNA-spinTM Plasmid DNA Purification Kit, the results verified high purity and high yield of plasmid DNA.

DH5a/pUC18(High-copy number), DH5a/pET40b(Low-copy number)
iNtRON; Supplier A, Competitor A; Supplier B, Competitor B

Data Comparison for extraction efficiency based on size of plasmid DNA

After extracting various size of plasmid DNA using DNA-spinTM Plasmid DNA Purification Kit, the results verified higher yield compare to competitors.

Plasmid DNA Size : 2.7 Kb, 6.4 Kb, 9 Kb, 12.5 Kb, 33.4 Kb
iNtRON; Supplier A, Competitor A; Supplier B, Competitor B

TroubleShooting Guide
QWhat is the advantage of using DNA-spin Kit?
ADNA-spin Kit provides cap column in order to prevent contamination from other tube during performing centrifugation.
QHow long it takes to extract Plasmid DNA using DNA-spin Kit?
AIt might can different according to experimenter, however, it usually take within 30 min if you follow the instruction.
QWhat is concentration of RNaseA Solution in DNA-spin Kit?
AIt is 9 mg / 33 mg
QWhat is the amount of RNase A before using Resupsension buffer?
AIn case of 50column, add 0.9ml of RNase A solution, in case of 200column, 3.3ml of RNase A solution added into Resuspension Buffer and be sure to store at 4℃ after adding RNase A solution.
QWhat is DNA binding capacity of column and what is the yield?
ADNA binding capacity of the column is 45ug, and the yield is 15~20ug when culture volume is 7ml.
QIs ethanol required to be added into Washing Buffer B?
AIt is a step for removing concentrated salt and it is required to remove salt with EtOH in order to not give damage on next step.
QIs there a solution if RNA gets contaminated?
AExperiment can be performed without any RNA contamination when neutralization is performed.
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