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G-DEX™ IIc Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Cell/Tissue)

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17231 300 tests Inquire

Solution type product for extracting genomic DNA simply according to various sample starting amounts from cell, tissue and bacteria

  • • Possible to extract DNA from various samples such as cell, tissue and bacteria.
  • • Possible to extract high yield and purified DNA using optimized buffer based on sample starting amount
  •    - (1) 1x108 cell - 1mg
       - (2) 1 g tissue – 1 mg
       - (3) 1 ml Bacteria – 50 ㎍
       - (4) OD260:280 = 1.9 ~ 2.1
  • • Possible to extract DNA with high reproducibility
  • • 4 simple steps are required to extract DNA within 20 to 60minutes.

G-DEX™ IIc Genomic DNA Extraction Kit(for Cell/Tissue)is used for extracting genomic DNA from cell, tissue and bacteria and solution type which can extracted DNA from small amounts to maxi amounts and does not depends on sample starting amounts. It is possible to extract high yield and purified DNA using optimized buffer based on sample starting amount. This kit is very convenient because it includes only 4 steps such as , lysis, removing protein, acquiring DNA pellet and DNA hydration. Cell Lysis Buffer is included to lysed nucleus from various types of sample and PPT Buffer is included to precipitate protein without heating. This product is appropriate for recent genetic research and meets criteria for high yield and high purity. Therefore it is very convenient for user. Extracted genomic DNA is used for PCR and Southern blot and can be used as a probe for cDNA chip.

  • 01PCR & Real-time PCR
  • 02Southern blotting
  • 03SNP
  • 04Gene cloning
  • 05Genotyping
  • 06Pathogen research etc.
Kit Contents
Contents 300 Tests
Lysis Buffer 60ml × 1 ea
PPT Buffer 25ml × 1 ea
DNA Rehydration Buffer 25ml × 1 ea
RNase A (Lyophilized powder) 3mg × 1 tube
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Observation based on effects of cell number

After extracting genomic DNA based on cell number using G-DEX™ IIc Genomic DNA Extraction Kit(for Cell/Tissue), high purify and yield based on cell number was identified compare to competitors.

Cell Number(K562 cell) : 1X105, 5X105, 1X106, 2X106
iNtRON; Supplier A, Competitor A; Supplier B, Competitor B

TroubleShooting Guide
QIs there any protocol for applying Tissue? The product protocol is only for the protocol for the cell.
AWhen applying the assay, add 150 ~ 200ul of lysis buffer per 10mg and proceed with homogenization. After that, proceed as same as cell protocol.
QWe are currently using P company for genetic testing of Hanwoo. Is it available as an alternative to this product?
AYes. It's possible to use. Our products consist of Cell lysis, Protein PPT, DNA Rehydration buffer, etc., and can be used without any change of protocol.
QI am doing cell culture on a 150mm culture dish. Is it possible to extract DNA all at once from a 150mm culture dish cells with this product?
AExtraction is possible. Table1 summarizes the recommended buffer amount based on the initial cell number in this product protocol. For 150mm dish, about 2x107 cells (Confluency) is enough to start with 3ml of initial lysis buffer. Before starting, measure the number of cells before proceeding.
QThe cell pellet floats without lysis after adding lysis buffer. I just went ahead and the yield was very low. What is the cause of this, and what is the solution?
ACell pellet is obtained by centrifugation of cells in PBS or PBS. When the lysis buffer is added directly to the cell pellet thus obtained, the cell clump will float without releasing, resulting in a loss of yield. A solution to this is to leave some media in the supernatant after cell pelleting. The amount of media left is not important because it is for resuspend of the cell pellet. Vortexing or tapping to completely resuspend the cell pellet. After confirming that there is no accumulated cell, add lysis buffer and perform the protocol afterwards.
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