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Muta-Direct™ Site Directed Mutagenesis Kit

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15071 15 rxn. Inquire

Products for mutation induction and mutagenesis in three-step shift position

  • • Simple protocol
  • • Possible to induce mutation of contouring lobe only on 2nd day (3rd stage)
  • • Enzymes using Muta-Direct™ and Mutazyme™ enzymes
  • • Mutation induction such as point mutation, deletion, insertion, etc. Theoretically, lower flow

The Muta-Direct™ Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit is a product used to induce mutations in the desired region of the gene cloned in the plasmid DNA. The Muta-Direct™ Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit shows the mutation induction efficiency of 100% in theory. It is a very convenient and convenient product to finish the stage. It is a product designed to specifically induce mutation of the desired site without using special vector such as M13 or DNA methylastation step. Site-directed mutagenesis refers to the change of a specific DNA sequence. It can also be used to identify functional sites (catalytic domains) by studying the function of a protein by replacing, inserting, or removing amino acids at specific sites with other amino acids and observing changes in protein function It is also used to create or delete restriction sites to be used in DNA cloning. Also, in order to know what factors combine to function in the promotor or enhancer studies, we can change the base sequence of the binding site to prevent binding, and then measure the activity of the promotor or enhancer There is.  The Muta-Direct™ Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit provides the most optimized Protocol (see Technical Data) to facilitate mutation even for non-specialist non-specialists, as well as enabling low-cost experiments.

  • 01Induce mutation of desired nucleotide  
  • 02Mutation clone wild type induction, nucleotide insertion, deletion induction   
  • 03Functional analysis of genes and proteins (Genomics / Proteomics)   
  • 04Improvement of protein performance by mutation induction in gene 
Kit Contents
Content 15071(15 Rxn)
Muta-Direct™ Enzyme (2.5 U/ml) 15 ul x 1 tube
Muta-Direct™ Reaction Buffer (10x) 100 ul x 1 tube
dNTP Mixture 30 ulx 1 tube
Mutazyme™ Enzyme (10 U/ml) 15 ul x 1 tube
pUC18 Control Plasmid (10 ng/ml) 10 ul x 1 tube
Control Primer Mix (20 pmole/ml) 10 ul x 1 tube
Manual 1 ea
Muta-Direct™ Method


1. Generation of primers for mutation of the desired site (see primer design of the protocol)
2. PCR amplification (15-18 cycles) using Muta-Direct™ enzyme obtain mutation clone by mutazyme™ treatment
3. Transfection in E. coli Spreading on an LB plate containing a specific antibiotic (the theoretically formed clone is a 100% mutagenized cl      
4. Final confirmation of mutation through sequencing


Muta-Direct™  Tip

1. Primer design : Primer size is within 25 ~ 45 mer and 30 ~ 35 mer is recommended. The important thing is that the nucleotide has designed to be located at the center of the primer and designed to be 30-mer, so that the following Tm-A is above 78 ℃ (GC% is at least 40%)    If the Tm value does not exceed 78 ℃, increase or decrease the primer size.    

  1) Design forward and reverse primers with mutually complementary sequences, where the desired mutation sites are located. 
  2) Design a 30-mer to check if the Tm value is 78 ℃ or more. If less, increase the primer size to 78 ℃ or more.      
  3) Do not use desalting grade for primer, but use minimum FPLC or OPC refined purity.

2. Tm calculation formula: 0.41 (GC%) - 675 / L + 81.5 L: Number of oligomers of the primer GC%: Primer% of GC base

3. Example of primer design: The following is an example of primer design, where GCG → ACG.    
 5 '- CCTCCTTCAGTATGTAGGCGACTTACTTATTGCGG-3' Design the forward and reverse primers for 30mer each, with "A (or T)" at the center for mutation. forward Primer: 5'-CCTTCAGTATGTAGACGACTTACTTATTGC-3 '  reverse primer: 5'- GCAATAAGTAAGTCGTCTACATACTGAAGG-3 ' The above primer GC% = 40 and L = 30, and it is calculated by the above Tm calculation formula to be Tm = 0.41 * 40 - 675/30 + 81.5 = 75.5 ° C, In such cases, increase or decrease the primer size     Forward Primer: 5'-CCTCCTTCAGTATGTAGACGACTTACTTATTGCGG-3 '     reverse primer: 5'- CCGCAATAAGTAAGTCGTCTACATACTGAAGGAGG-3 'In the above example, GC% = 45.7 and L = 35 when the 5-mer is increased,       Tm = 0.41 * 45.7 - 675/35 + 81.5 = 80.952 ° C, indicating that the Tm is 78 ° C or higher, which is a suitable primer.  


Example for Mutation experiment

TroubleShooting Guide
QMuta-Direct ™ provides a positive control vector. What should be used when transforming?
APositive control vector for this product is 'pUC18'. Therefore, you can use ampicillin.
QIn the Mutation experiment, most of the pfu-based DNA polymerase is used, and what kind of polymerase is used in the intron product?
A Muta-direct enzyme contained in the product is a polymerase developed by intron self-study to be suitable for mutagenesis It is a polymerase based on pfu.
QWe have used all of the muta-direct enzymes provided by Muta-Direct ™. Is the Muta-direct enzyme sold separately? If not, can we proceed with the experiment using pfu polymerase?
AThank you for your interest in our products. Muta-direct enzyme is not sold separately. The polymerase of this product is pfu based polymerase, but it is designed to be suitable for mutagenesis.Therefore, it is possible to experiment with general pfu polymerase, but we can not confirm the part about the result. This is the first student to conduct Mutation experiments.
QI am selling mutagenesis related products in the intron, do I also have primer design and service?
A We do not provide primer synthesis service. However, I have written it in the manual so that customers can easily design the primer. Please refer to the manual.
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