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Mycoplasma MDx

e-Myco™ plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

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Dried & aliquoted PreMix Kit to detect 209 kinds of mycoplasma including pathogenic mycoplasma

  • • Broad Species Detection
       - Detect 209 kinds of mycoplasma including pathogenic mycoplasma
       - 99 % Mycoplasma detection

  • • High specificity and sensitivity
       - Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase is applied
       - Primer design with CLP Technology

  • • Species Detection
       - Direct typing is available with amplified PCR products

  • • Effective validation system is applied
       - Internal Control : It is embedded in the product to prevent misjudgment that possibly arises from an erroneous PCR test
       - Sample Positive Control system : To confirm the condition of template

  • • 8-MOP system
       - 8-MOP solution prevents carryover contamination by PCR products

  • • Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one system
       - All components is pre-mixed with dried pellet condition in one tube
       - PCR can be implemented after adding template and primer
       - Gel loading dye is already premixed for direct electrophoresis

  • • High stability and reproducibility
       - Dried& aliquoted PreMix is controlled by ALHP system
       - Vacuum packaging system can prevent oxidation and humidity

e-Myco™ plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit is Dried & aliquoted PreMix Kit to detect 209 kinds of mycoplasma including pathogenic mycoplasma. Mycoplasma is common and serious contaminants of cell cultures. It has been shown that 30% to 87% of cell cultures are infected with mycoplasma. Many mycoplasma contaminations, particularly in continuous cell lines, grow slowly and do not destroy host cells but are still able to affect various parameters, leading to unreliable or false results. These effects include changes in metabolism, growth, viability, DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, and morphology. Testing for mycoplasma is an essential quality control tool to assure accurate research and reliable biotechnological products. e-Myco™ plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit is a set of primers designed to detect the presence of mycoplasma that might contaminate biological materials such as cultured cells. Conventional techniques that are used to detect mycoplasma involve culturing samples on selective media, which needs at least 1 week to obtain results, whereas by performing PCR with this primer set, which is based on conserved 16S rRNA, detection results are obtained in a few hours. The adopted 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) is used to extinguish the template activity of contaminated DNAs. 8-MOP is known to intercalate into double-stranded nucleic acids and form a covalent interstrand crosslink after photo-activation by incident light at wavelength 320-400nm


Used for the Detection of Mycoplasma species that are most commonly encountered in cell culture

Kit Contents
Contents 8 Tests 48 Tests
e-Myco™ plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit 8 tubes 48 tubes
DNase/RNase-free Distilled Water 200 ml x 1 vial 1 ml x 1 vial
Control DNA 5 ml x 1 vial 20 ml x 1 vial
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
Technical Data

Increased reliability of analysis results through triple checking system


Sample control : a parameter of condition and concentration of template DNA
Target band : a parameter of mycoplamsa infection
Internal control : a parameter of PCR reaction of the detection kit

Detection limit test of e-Myco ™ plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit


To determine the minimal required amount of genomic DNA, genomic DNA was isolated from a pure culture of M. fermentans-infected K562 cells. The isolated genomic DNA was serially diluted for PCR detection. The result indicates that the detection limit with this kit is 10 ~ 20 pg of genomic DNA per test.

TroubleShooting Guide
QNoTarget band in positive reaction
AIf internal control band is seen, PCR has been performed properly. It is not a problem of the product. If the PCR reaction is inhibited by impurities included in DNA preparation, the use of diluted DNA as a template may be helpful.
QNo internal control band
ACompetition can occur by using high concentrated DNA template. Please repeat the PCR with a diluted template. If the concentration of template is above 50 ng, the signal of internal control may be disappeared by competition with the template.
QPresence of amplified product in the negative control
AD.W. can be contaminated. Perform PCR again with fresh sterile water. Also, we recommend that you use filter tips to reduce contamination and that you use a pipette after sterilization. All procedures should be done in sterilized conditions.
QPoor resolution on agarose gel
AWe recommend to use a 1.5~2% agarose gel. Also, we recommend that electrophoresis is performed for 40 min at 100 V/14 cm using a 6 cm long 2% agarose gel.
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