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i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17361 50 col. Inquire

Spin type product for extracting high yield and purified DNA easily from Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi

  • • Possible to extract Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi sample ARE
  • • High reproducibility & High reliability by providing optimized 4 types of protocol for each sample
       - Two types of protocol such as Fungal tissue AND fungi are provided for fungi sample
  • • High yield and high purified DNA extraction from optimized Buffering system
       - Pre- Lysis with Buffer MYP and Buffer MP for Yeast
  • • Data provided for 20 types of sample such as Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi
  • • Concrete instruction provided to extract easily

i-genomic™ BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit is professional kit for BYE to extract genomic DNA from Gram positive bacteria, Yeast and Fungi which is difficult to extract. Chaotropic salt and detergents are included in order to perform extraction effectively with pre-lysis and lysis buffering system. Especially, 4 types of protocol(Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D)is provided for fungi sample and Buffer MVP, Buffer MP is provided for yeast in order to perform stronger cell lysis. Also, Data and figures are provided to verify test results from 23 types of BYF samples. (Figure 1.Reference) and relevant data (Technical Data reference).

Figure1. BYF Samples Applied by Standard Protocol

i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is specialized for extracting genomic DNA from specific specimen. (Figure 1. Reference). Also, specialized tools such as lysis buffer and inhibitor remover are provided for each sample. Therefore, i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is reliable for extracting high yield and purified genomic DNA and provides detailed protocol for high reproducibility. i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides CAPS which packed each column in order to use in pathogen research and minimize contamination. (Figure 2. reference). Therefore, i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is applied for not only pathogen research but also SNP genotyping, RAPD analysis, AFLP analysis, RFLP analysis, Microsatellite analysis.

Figure 1. Six kinds of i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kits

Figure 2. Spin Column & CAPS Information

  • 01PCR & Real-time PCR
  • 02Southern blotting
  • 03SNP
  • 04Gene cloning
  • 05Genotyping
  • 06Pathogen research etc.
Kit Contents
Contents 50 COLUMNS
Buffer MYP(for Yeast Pre-Lysis Buffer) 12ml × 1 ea
Buffer MP(Pre-Lysis Buffer) 7ml × 1 ea
Buffer MG 15ml × 1 ea
Buffer MB 15ml × 1 ea
Buffer MW(Concentration) 10ml × 1 ea
Buffer ME 20ml × 1 ea
Spin Column(Blue color O-ring) 50 Columns
Collection Tube 100 tube
RNase A, lyophilized 6 mg x 1 tube
Proteinase K, lyophilized 12 mg x 1 tube
Lysozyme, lyophilized 30 mg x 1 tube
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Observation for yield and purity of genomic DNA from various BYF specimen

TroubleShooting Guide
QAre there any products available for extracting DNA from Yeast?
AWe recommend the i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit. This product can extract genomic DNA from yeast, but also from various types of BYF (B: Gram positive Bacteria, Y: Yeast, F: Fungi) samples. In order to obtain the optimal protocol, we tested 23 BYF samples and increased DNA recovery and purity. However, one thing to note is that when yeast extracts DNA from yeast, we recommend that you purchase lyticase or zymolase separately from this product.
QWhat kinds of buffers are available in the product? What is the role of each buffer?
ADue to the nature of the applied sample, the outer wall of the cell is so thick that it undergoes a pre-lysis process, and various buffers are used to obtain high purity DNA. First, MYP buffer is Yeast Pre-Lysis Buffer, and the outer wall is very strong due to the characteristic of yeast. Therefore, when yeast sample is applied, the lysis process proceeds one step. For yeast samples, occasionally lyticase or zymolase can be used to increase the DNA recovery rate. MP buffer is a pre-lysis buffer used for samples other than yeast. Next, the MG buffer is the lysis buffer, and the MB buffer allows DNA binding to the column. You can think of MW buffer as column washing buffer and ME buffer as elution Buffer.
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