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RNase WiPER™

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21131 400 ㎖ (200 ㎖ x 2ea) Inquire

Essential product of RNA work which can easily remove RNase from experiment device and vitreous surface    Effective removal of RNase contamination, which is likely to occur through the environment

  • •   No DEPC with high concentration of detergent, strong acid or carcinogen  
  • •  Ready to use
  • •  Available in a spray ready for immediate use   Spray / Rinse or Wipe    
  • •  Remove the contamination source just by spraying on the surface to be cleaned and then rinsing or wiping   
  • •  Easily applicable to plastic, glass, pipette, etc. which are difficult to sterilize   
  • •  RNase as well as unwanted DNA contamination can be effectively removed 

RNase WiPER ™ is used to remove RNase, a major source of contamination that has a major impact on the results of experiments with RNA work, from the surface of the laboratory, instrument, and various horses. It is a simple product that is sprayed locally and sprayed where pollution is expected or where contamination is needed, but it is very effective for removing RNase contamination. RNase WiPER ™ does not use DEPC with high concentration of detergent or carcinogen, so it is easy to spray and relatively safe for the experimenter. In addition, since it does not use strong acid, it is not only highly safe but also has no effect on subsequent experiments. This product is intended to maintain the compatibility of surrounding environment during various RNA work, but it is a chemical different from RNase inhibitor and it is prohibited to inject directly into the reaction solution of the experiment.

  • 01Decontamination of work space
  • 02Decontamination of Glass ware
  • 03Decontamination of Plastic ware(autoclavable/non-autoclavable)
  • 04RNA Extraction
  • 05RT/Real time RT-PCR
Kit Contents
Contents 21131
RNase WiPER™ 200 ml x 2 ea
Technical Data

Effective way to prevent Rnase contamination


After applying RNase-WiPER ™ to the experimental horseradish to observe the effect on the subsequent stage, it was confirmed that it is possible to remove the contamination effectively by spraying and wiping it on the contaminated horseradish.

Lane Sample
1O / N Soaking with RNase WiPER Used without rinsing
2When RNase WiPER was used after rinsing with O / N Soaking after DW
3Using RNase WiPER and Kimwipe
4Washing with DW after using RNase WiPER and Kimwipe
5Pure RNA
6Use contaminated product

Effective way to remove DNA contamination


As a result of RNase-WiPER ™ treatment of the DNA solution and the presence of DNA in the residue, it is possible to find effective DNA only by treating RNase-WiPER ™.

Lane Sample
1Residue after using RNase WiPER
2Residue after washing with distilled water
3Remained DNA after 10 μl RNase WiPER
4Remained DNA after 10 μl RNase WiPER + 1ug DNA
510 μl DW + 1μg DNA (control)
TroubleShooting Guide
QDoes this product contain any harmful substances to human body?
AAs indicated in the description of this product, it does not contain harmful detergent or DEPC. However, since it is a product that removes RNase, please do not expose it directly to human body when using.
QIs it impossible to use this product directly in a sample?
AMost of the laboratories use DEPC together to extract RNA, so it is not necessary to apply it directly to the sample. And because this product is spray type, it is used to clean the experimental tools and experimental environment used for RNA experiment.
QHow is the product stored and how long is it valid?
AYou can see the protocol of this product. This product can be stored at room temperature for more than one year.
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