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LiliF™ Swine Leptospira IgM rapid test kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
IR0211386 1 test X 10 / kit Inquire
Background Information


Swine Leptospirosis is a global important zoonosis of swine, which can have a major economic impact on porcine industries with abortion. The disease situation in the developing economies presents a major challenge as humans and animals frequently live in close association. The severity of disease varies with the infecting serovars and the affected species.

LiliF Swine Leptospira IgM Rapid kit is a Lateral Flow Immuno-Chromatographic Assay kit for the rapid and accurate qualitative detection of IgM antibody against leptospira.





Intended Use

Detection of IgM against Swine Leptospira




Kit Contents

No Contents 10 Tests / Kit
1 Test device 10 tests
2 Sample diluent 2ml x 1ea
3 Droppers 10ea
TroubleShooting Guide
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