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Pre-made Buffer

Coomassie Blue G-250

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
IBS-BC005 1 L Inquire
  • • Storage – RT
  • • Description – 50% Methanol, 10% Acetic acid, 0.05% coomassie blue G-250
  • • Application – Used for staining proteins in analytical biochemistry
TroubleShooting Guide


Q Is it possible to change concentration of contents and amounts for each product?

A Yes. It is possible.


Q In our laboratory, we make buffer based on type of experiment. Is it possible to customize buffer?

A all types of pre-made buffer can be customized except existing buffers.

If you provide instruction, we can produce them easily.


Q Is it possible to change Moleuclar Grade’s Pre-made buffer to Cell Culture Grade’s buffer?

A Yes. It is possible. We can transform to any type by changing filter system and sterilization.


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