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RNase WiPER™

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21131 400 ㎖ (200 ㎖ x 2ea) Inquire



Essential product of RNA Work that facilitates the removal of RNase from laboratory instruments and glass


Effectively eliminate RNase contamination that is likely to occur throughout the environment

Excellent safety and non-impact on subsequent experiments

  - Without high concentrations of detergent, strong acid or carcinogenic DEPC.

Ready to use type

  - Available immediately in Spray

Spray / Rinse or Wipe

  - Remove pollutants by spraying on the surface you want to clean and rinsing or wiping them off.

Effectively eliminate not only RNase but also DNA contamination


RNase WiPERis a product used to remove RNase, a major source of contamination that greatly affects the results of an experiment, from the surface of a laboratory, instrument, and various types of glasses during RNA work. It is a simple product to spray and wipe where contamination is expected or where management of pollutants is needed, but it is highly effective in eliminating RNase contamination. RNase WiPERdoes not use high concentrations of detergent or carcinogenic DEPC. Therefore, making it easier to spray and relatively safe for the experimenter. Furthermore, It's also highly acclaimed by many researcher since it's doesn't use strong acid, and doesn't affect subsequent experiments. This product is for maintaining the suitability of the surrounding environment during RNA work. However, it is a different chemical as RNase inhibitor so direct injection into the reactant is prohibited.


  • 01. Decontamination of work space 
  • 02. Decontamination of Glass ware
  • 03. Decontamination of Plastic ware(autoclavable/non-autoclavable)
  • 04. RNA Extraction
  • 05. RT/Real time RT-PCR
Kit Contents
Contents Volumes
RNase WiPER 200ml x 2ea
Technical Data

Efficiently prevent from RNase contamination





As an experiment to observe the effect of after applying RNase-WiPERon the experimental glass and subsequent steps, it was confirmed that effective decontamination can be eliminated by spraying and wiping on the contaminated glass.






After O/N Soaking with RNase WiPER(Without rinsing)


After O/N Soaking with RNase WiPER(Rinsing with D.W)


After wiped with WiPER and Kimwipe


After wiped with WiPER and Kimwipe(Rinsing with D.W)


Pure RNA


Use contaminated glass intactly




Efficiently eliminate from RNase contamination






As an experiment to observe the effect of after applying RNase-WiPERand the presence of DNA in the residue, it was confirmed that effective DNA adding is possible just by processing RNase-WiPER.






Residue after removal after RNase WiPER treatment


Residue RNase after WiPER treatment, remove and rinse with D.W


DNA remaining after 10 μl RNase WiPER treatment


10 μl RNase Wiper + after add 1ug DNA residual DNA


10 μl DW + 1μg DNA (control)



TroubleShooting Guide


Q Does this product contain any substances that are harmful to the human body?

A As described in the description of this product, it does not contain harmful detergent or DEPC. However, it is a product that removes RNase, so please refrain from exposing it directly to the human body when using it.


Q Is it impossible to use this product directly on the sample?

A When extracting RNA, the most laboratories use DEPC together. Therefore, you do not need to apply it directly to the sample. And, this product is spray type, so it is used to clean the experimental tools used in RNA experiments and the surrounding environment. 


Q How do I store the product and how long is it valid for?

A Please see the protocol of this product. This product can be stored at room temperature for more than a year. 




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