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AutoXT PGS DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17168-96 96 Tests Inquire
17168-48 48 Tests Inquire
Background Information
Use automated nucleic acid extraction equipment to quickly and easily extract DNA/RNA from a variety of pathogenic samples.

• All reagents required for extraction experiments are busy, allowing experiments without any pre- and post-processing process.
• Different types of cartridges are available for different types of experiments.
• Automation of the whole process minimizes possible contamination blocking and error between experimenters
• High-rate/purity extraction for a variety of samples, easy to use for unskilled people

The AutoXT PGS DNA/RNA Kit is a dedicated product of the automated nucleic acid extraction equipment Miracle AutoXT, which allows the magnetic bed to move during operation and automatically extract nucleic acid to minimize contamination and error. In addition, all reagents required for the experiment are busy, so you can experiment without any pre- and post-processing process, and provide various types of Cartridge (Individual & Well Plate Type) by specification, so you can choose and use them according to your experiment.​


• FDA Registrated



1Pathogene Detection
2PCR & Real-time PCR
4Infectious disease research 

Kit Contents

Citation List
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