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Real-time PCR

RealMOD™ Probe M² 2X qRT-PCR mix (with UDG)

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RealMOD™ Probe M 2 2X qRT PCR mix (with UDG) is a TaqMan probe type product, and quantitative RT PCR using RNA

This is a possible product. As a product to which the UDG system is applied, the amplification product is c DNA including Uracil.

It can be broken down into UDG to significantly lower false positives. This product has a hot start function, so the dimer generation rate is low and reproducibility and stability

It has the advantage of being high. In addition, the qRT PCR result is excellent even in the template with high GC contents, and it is produced with 2X Master mix type.

The dose can be adjusted according to the experimenter​


UDG-system can prevent false positives and is a TaqMan probe type 2X Master mix product capable of one step qRT PCR


●​ Minimize cross contamination through UDG application

●​ Real time RT PCR reaction volume can be controlled with 2X Master mix type

●​ Hot start function included to minimize non-specific reactions

●​ Excellent reproducibility and stability

●​ Confirmation of excellent qRT PCR results even in templates with high GC contents​

 - Preventing cross/carry over contamination
 - Detection and quantification of RNA
 - Gene-expression analysis
 - Pathogene detection and quantification​
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25361.500 / 10005ml / 10ml
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