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AutoXT CLiNiC-Q multi DNA Kit

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Background Information
It is an automatic nucleic acid extraction product specialized for nucleic acid extraction of yeast and gram-positive bacteria, and is also suitable for related infectious disease diagnosis research and food microbiological examination.
High-purity and high-concentration nucleic acid extraction possible by applying binding of mangetic bead method
It is suitable for pretreatment of viscous samples or tissues as it is equipped with a physical pretreatment method using beads.
Total DNA can be stably extracted from various specimens such as Gram-positive bacteria and yeast
The movement of the device is short, and it can be extracted quickly within 20 min.​

The AutoXT CLiNiC-Q multi DNA Kit is a product with convenience and speed that can extract nucleic acids from up to 32 samples only by preparing reagents and samples using an automated nucleic acid extraction device based on a magnetic bead method. It has the advantages of high-purity and fast, and at the same time, it is possible to extract nucleic acids from various types of samples under the same conditions. In particular, it is possible to effectively extract gDNA from various samples such as cells with thick cell walls or samples with high viscosity. Relatively superior extraction effect can be confirmed compared to other companies' nucleic acid extraction products and existing similar products specified in the method of using licensed diagnostic products. 

1Pathogene Detection analysis
2Infectious diseases research


Kit Contents


TroubleShooting Guide

Q : DNA extraction yield is lower than expected. What should I do?


A : It is believed that the homogenization of the sample was not performed properly. Check the extraction protocol setting of the Miracle-AutoXT Nucleic Acid Extraction System equipment to make sure it is considered suitable for the extraction target. Before using the equipment, check the rack fixing status of the cartridge and the set temperature of the block (need to set the proper temperature) before proceeding.​ 



Q : After the extraction experiment, PCR & Real-time PCR results are not confirmed.


A : First, please check whether there are any problems with the sample preparation process. Check the sample preparation in the user manual and use the recommended sample amount. Second, please check whether the protocol of the product and equipment is proceeding normally. This product is optimized for Bacteria fast protocol.​ 




Q : After the extraction experiment, a signal was detected in the NC (negative control) during qualitative analysis.


A : First, non-specific reactions may occur due to environmental factors, so please cleanly disinfect the equipment and test table you are using before proceeding. Second, to minimize contamination of cartridges adjacent to the product, avoid splashing when loading the sample. The plunger tip provided in the product is for one-time use, so to prevent sample contamination, use a new tip for each experiment and do not use it repeatedly.​ 




Q : RNase A and Proteinase K included in the product are in powder form. How do I use it?


A : RNase A and Proteinase K of this product are supplied as “Lyophilized”, and you can use it by dissolving it in pure D.W according to the amount written on the bottle and tube. After thawing, you can freeze it (-20℃) after use.​ 

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