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Real-time PCR

RealMOD™ Probe R² 2X qRT-PCR mix (with UDG)

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
25362.100 100 rxn Inquire
25362.500 500 rxn Inquire
25362.1000 1000 rxn Inquire


It is composed of TaqMan Probe type, and Real-time RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) can be easily performed using RNA as a template.
The 2X MasterMix products that can prevent false positives with UDG-system​


•​​ Minimize cross contamination by applying UDG

• Proceed cDNA synthesis and real-time RT-PCR in a tube using RNA as a template

• Real-time RT-PCR reaction volume control with 2X MasterMix type

• Minimize non-specific reactions by including hot-start function

• Excellent reproducibility and stability against interfering substances


RealMOD Probe R² 2X qRT-PCR mix (with UDG) is a ready-to-use product that contains all the necessary reagents for qRT-PCR with UDG(Uracil DNA Glcosylase). The applied UDG system prevents cross/carry over contamination of PCR products. Also, Hot-start function of RealMOD Probe R² 2X qRT-PCR mix (with UDG) prevents primer-dimer formation at the low temperature during qRT-PCR procedure. Thus, RealMOD Probe R² 2X qRT-PCR mix (with UDG) enables researchers to do accurate and convenient quantitative analysis over a wide range of template RNA concentrations with its high sensitivity and reproducibility.

 - Preventing cross/carry over contamination
 - Detection and quantification of RNA target
 - Gene-expression analysis
 - Pathogene detection and quantification​
Kit Contents
25362.500 / 1000500T / 1000T
Technical Data

Wide Instruments Compatibility
•​ Applied BioSystems : QuantStudio™​ 12K Flex, ViiA™​ 7, 7900HT, 7500, 7700, StepOne™​ & StepOne plus™​
• Stratagene : MX3000P™​, MX3005P™​
• Bio-Rad : CFX96™​ & CFX384™​, iQTM5 & MyiQ™​, Chomo4™​, Opticon® 2 & MiniOpicon®
• Qiagen : Rotor-Gene® Q, Rotor-Gene® 6000
• Eppendorf : Mastercycler®, ep realplex2 & ep realplex4
• Roche : LightCycler® 480
• Illumina : The Eco™

TroubleShooting Guide

Q. As a result of the experiment, amplification could not be confirmed.


A. First, please review whether there are any problems with the state of the template. Second, when preparing the PCR mixture

Please review whether there are any missing contents (primer, probe, 2X qRT-PCR mix). third primer

Please review the experimental conditions by reviewing the annealing temperature of the design and primer.​



Q. As a result of the experiment, a signal was detected in the NC (negative control).


A. First, since non-specific reactions may occur due to environmental factors, the equipment and experiment table being used

Please proceed by cleaning and disinfecting. Second, non-specific reactions may occur due to experimental factors.

Therefore (contamination by the template to be used), prepare a mixture, dispense negative control first, and then

I hope you will do an experiment.​



Q. Is ROX dye added to the product?


A. ROX dye is not added to this product, and if necessary, it must be used after adding.

If there is a selection for the reference dye, please proceed with none.​

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