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easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit

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Solution type product that can easily extract high yield and purity total RNA from cell, tissue and plant etc.

  • • Total RNA extraction from solid samples such as cell, tissue and plant etc
  • • Easy separation of aqueous phase/ phenol phase with deep-cyan blue color solution
  • • High efficiency and purity total RNA extraction using high purity water-saturated phenol
  • • Optimized protocol for each specimen
  • • Completely eliminates cross-contaminants for precise downstream applications

easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit is a solution type that can extract total RNA easily and quickly from solid samples such as cell, tissue, and plant etc. In order to efficiently extract RNA from cells and tissues, it is necessary to effectively dissolve the cells or tissues and denature nucleic acid proteins, also inhibit the activity of RNase from cells. From this point of view, the easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit is the product that can most efficiently extract the RNA from tissues or cells. It is theoretically possible to extract pure RNA with almost no contamination of protein and genomic DNA when the amount of RNA extraction sample is appropriate.

In addition, the easy-BLUE™ Solution is able to acquire high yield and purity total RNA using high purity water-saturated phenol, and provides optimized protocol for each sample (see Table 1), making it easy and convenient for anyone to get results reproducibly. Total RNA obtained from this product can be directly used for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Real-time RT-PCR, Northern blotting and so on.

[ Table 1. Protocols of easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit ]

  • 01RT-PCR and Real-time RT-PCR
  • 02Northern Blotting
  • 03cDNA Synthesis
  • 04Primer extension
  • 05Infectious disease research
Kit Contents
Contents Package
easy-BLUE™ Solution 100ml × 1 ea
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Total RNA extraction from various tissues and cells

RNA was extracted from various cells and tissues using the easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit. As results, it was confirmed that high-purity RNA could be extracted.

Lane M, 1 Kb Marker; lane 1, SNU 601(Human); lane 2, K562(Human); lane 3, B16(Mouse); lane 4, E. coli; lane 5, Spleen(Mouse); lane 6, Kidney(Mouse); lane 7, Liver (Mouse)

Comparison of quality with other products

RNA was extracted from various cells and tissues using the easy-BLUE ™ Total RNA Extraction Kit. As results,
its extraction efficiency showed equal to or better than other products.



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TroubleShooting Guide
QWe want to extract RNA from plant using easy-BLUE. protocol says that a P-buffer is needed. What is the composition of a P-buffer?
AP-Buffer (for Plant): Final 0.8M sodium citrate 1.2M NaCl] The information can also be found in the 'PREPARING SOLUTION BEFORE USE' section of the product manual. It is also available exclusively for the "easy-spin™ llp Plant RNA Extraction Kit" with the addition of a column for plant RNA extraction.
QI would like to extract RNA from Kidney. I am afraid that RNA degradation might happened while performing homogenization because kidney tissue is very stick. Is there any other possible way to increase recovery rate of RNA?
AFirst of all, try to add liquid N2 after obtaining thin tissue fragment and then perform homogenization to increase yield and purity. Also, please be cautious for repetition of freezing/thawing. Please use 10mg of kidney sample because tissue is very active.
QI see gDNA contamination often. Is there any possible way to minimize gDNA contamination?
AWhile moving aqueous layer, do not try to pipette hardly and pipette only volume of 400ul. gDNA may mix with interface layer when you try to extract large amounts of RNA.
QDoes blue lights from easy-Blue affects purity of RNA and recovery rate?
AThe reason for blue light is because of pH indicator which increase RNA recovery rate. Especially, it gives blue light so it is convenient for separating aqueous layer.
QI was using easy-BLEU and I did not use it for many time but, blue color has changed to black. Can I keep use this kit? does it affects RNA recovery rate?
ABlue light from easy-BLUE is because of pH indicator. color change has happened because pH has changed. Therefore, RNA recovery rate may decrease so we recommend you to use new kit. Also, the reason for color change is that kit might stored at room temperature. Please store kit at 4℃ to obtain high RNA recovery rate.
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