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easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit

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17063 100 ㎖ Inquire

Solution type that can extract total RNA from liquid clinical sample (Blood, Serum, etc.), cell, tissue, bacteria and stool etc.

  • • Total RNA extraction easily and rapidly from liquid samples such as blood, serum and biological fluid
  • • Total RNA extraction from not only liquid samples but also cell, tissue, bacteria and stool
  • • Easy separation of aqueous phase / phenol phase with deep-pink red color solution
  • • High efficiency and purity total RNA extraction using high purity water-saturated phenol
  • • Optimized protocol for each specimen
  • • Completely eliminates cross-contaminants for precise downstream applications

The easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit (for liquid sample) can easily and quickly extract total RNA from various samples such as cell, tissue, bacteria, stool and liquid samples like blood, serum, swab and biological fluid etc. Unlike easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit, the easy-RED™ solution optimizes total RNA extraction from liquid samples, thus enables to separate various sizes of RNA. For example, when RNA was extracted from mouse liver and observed by agarose gel electrophoresis, different sizes RNAs were identified from high molecular weight RNA between 7 Kb and 15 Kb, two ribosomal RNA bands in ~ 5 Kb (18s) and ~ 2 Kb (28s), and low molecular weight RNA between 0.1 Kb and 0.3 Kb (tRNA, 5S). The easy-RED™ solution is able to acquire high yield and purity total RNA using high purity water-saturated phenol, and provides optimized protocol for each sample (see Table 1), making it easy and convenient for anyone to get results reproducibly. Total RNA obtained from this product can be directly used for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Real-time RT-PCR, Northern blotting and so on.

[ Table 1. Protocols of easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit (for liquid sample) ]

  • 01RT-PCR and Real-time RT-PCR
  • 02Northern Blotting
  • 03cDNA Synthesis
  • 04Primer extension
  • 05Infectious disease research
Kit Contents
Contents Package
easy-RED™ Solution 100ml × 1 ea
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Comparing total RNA extraction efficiency with other products

Using the easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit (for liquid sample),
it was verified that RNA extraction efficiency was superior to other companies.

Lane M, 1kb ladder; lane 1, Sample 50 μl; lane 2, Sample 100 μl; lane 3, Sample 200 μl; lane 4, Sample 300 μl ; lane 5, Sample 400 μl ; lane 6, Sample 500 μl

Observation of total RNA extraction efficiency from clinical specimens

Using the easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit (for liquid sample), RNA was extracted from clinical sample emulsion and diagnosed using iNtRON’s diagnostic kit. As a result, the RNA extracted by easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit could be effectively used for diagnosis.

Lane M, 100bb ladder; lane 1, No template control; lane 2, Human corona virus 229E/NL63 positive sample; lane 3, Human adeno virus positive sample; lane 4, Negative sample; lane 5, Human para influenza virus3 positive sample ; lane 6, RV Multiplex 6 species

TroubleShooting Guide
QI was in hurry so I used centrifugation at RT while extracting RNA. Does it affect on test result?
AIt might give bad effects on RNA recovery rate because of the heat from centrifugation. Please perform experiments at 4℃, then it will give you better results.
QWhat is the difference between easy-BLUE and easy-RED?
AThere is color differences. easy-RED is pink and easy-BLUE is blue. Also, easy-BLUE is used for cell suspension and tissue sample but easy-RED is for liquid sample. This is why easy-RED has more buffers.
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