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Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17151 50 col. Inquire

Spin type product that can extract viral DNA/RNA easily and rapidly from the various clinical samples such as serum, plasma, cell free body fluid and stool etc.

  • • Extraction of Viral DNA/RNA from various clinical samples within 20 minutes
  • • High yield and purity viral DNA / RNA extraction with powerful lysis buffer
  • • Easy extraction without enzyme treatment
  • • Be used safely with non-phenol method and no need for EtOH precipitation
  • • OIE listed product based on various clinical sample results
  • • Be useful for molecular diagnostic studies on clinical samples by minimizing contamination by CAPS

Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract virus DNA/RNA easily and quickly from the various clinical samples such as serum, plasma, cell-free fluid, stool, whole blood, tissue, swab, urine, cultured cell and virus infection tissue, etc. Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit has a very powerful lysis buffer that effectively dissolves and denatures virus envelope and capside protein without additional enzyme treatment (except some viruses) to easily elute viral gene and effectively inactivate RNase. The binding buffer added after the elution helps to attach genes only to silica-gel membrane, and two different washing buffers efficiently remove proteins and other contaminants to get high purity viral gene.

The Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit does not use harmful organic solvents, so it can be used safely. Even it can extract pure viral gene very quickly without EtOH precipitation. In addition, CAPS is applied to columns to minimize the risk of contamination (see Figure 1). The viral genes isolated and purified from the Viral Gene-spin™ Kit can be used for viral diagnostics, cancer research etc. Especially, it is useful for clinical diagnosis of people or animals that have been infected by virus or bacteria.

Figure 1. Spin Column & CAPS Information

  • 01Pathogen detection
  • 02Microarray
  • 03cDNA synthesis
  • 04Reverse Transcriptase PCR(RT-PCR)
  • 05Quantitative PCR(qPCR, qRT-PCR) etc.
Kit Contents
Contents 50 COLUMNS
Lysis Buffer 30ml × 1 ea
Binding Buffer 40ml × 1 ea
Washing Buffer A 30ml × 1 ea
Washing Buffer B(Concentration) 10ml × 1 ea
Elution Buffer 20ml × 1 ea
Spin Columns(Orange color) 50 Columns
Collection Tubes 50 tubes
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Sensitivity test of HBV (Human hepatitis B virus, DNA virus)

HBV DNA was extracted from sera of HBV-infected patients using the Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit. As a result of sensitivity test, PCR inhibitions were less because cross-contaminants were completely removed.

Detection limit test of Enterovirus (RNA virus) by Real-time RT-PCR

Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit was used to extract EV RNA from stool suspension of EV-infected patients, then Real-time RT-PCR was performed. As the result, we could see that viral RNA was properly isolated by the Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit.

TroubleShooting Guide
QAfter infecting virus gene with cell line, experiment for checking cell condition has performed. Is it possible to only extract virus gene in order to use it for sequencing.
AThis kit not only extract virus but also genome(DNA/RNA). Therefore, it is recommended to sequester the target virus gene by amplifying and purifying the target virus gene by PCR.
QI am willing to extract only virus DNA, can lysis buffer lysed host’s nucleus membrane?
AThe nucleus membrane can also be lysed with the lysis buffer in the kit. Therefore, not only the virus gene but also the genome (gDNA, RNA) of the host cell can be extracted. This extracted DNA can be used as a sample for the detection of virus using PCR but it is impossible to isolate the nucleic acid of pure virus. The confirmation of virus infection can be determined by PCR or RT-PCR.
QI want to confirm infection of PCV from Pig’s tissue. Is it possible to extract viral DNA from tissue? If this works, please provide me protocol.
AThis kit is possible to extract viral gene from tissue. Generally, we need to prepare 10 to 25mg of sample, but we recommend 50mg for heart, brain muscle tissues. The protocol recommends to homogenize the Tissue and add PBS to make a total volume of 150ul. Then, move onto next step.
QWe are currently developing a type B infection treatment. We are planning to extract HBV from HBV infected blood.
AWe recommend Viral-gene spin Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit. Viral-gene spin product has designed to easily extract viral genes from samples of various liquid components such as serum, plasma and cell culture within 20 minutes.
QWhen we apply the HBV infected blood sample for PCR using designed primer, however, no bands are shown while performing amplification. What is the solution?
AThis product is a product that can extract DNA or RNA virus from various liquids such as serum, plasma, etc., various liquid such as tissue emulsion liquid, feces suspension liquid, and cell culture liquid. You should first check the purity and yield of the extracted HBV sample and design the appropriate PCR condition accordingly. I think it is better to run PCR after confirming the specificity and sensitivity of the designed primer.
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