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PRO-MEASURE™ Protein Measurement Solution

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21011 100 ㎖ Inquire

Easy and fast quantification of 10-200 ng / ml protein based on Bradford assay

  • • Low Background interference
  • • 10 ~ 200 ng / ml protein quantitative optimization
  • • Simple application within 10 min

Protein quantification is one of the important steps in protein research like Western blot assay. Protein assay methods are diverse, and there is one which absorbs at 280nm without special reagents or operation. This method is simple. It also has a short coming, not being able to analyze protein assay when amino acid such as phenylalanine, tryptophan or tyrosine are not present. Neither will it be used commonly due to its DNA absorbance interference (AI). The other methods are lowery assay when amino acid such as phenylalanine, tryptophan or tyrosine are not present. Neither will it be used commonly due to its DNA absorbance interference (AI). The other methods are Lowry assay or BCA assay, which are highly sensitive for protein quantification, but is quite inconvenient and time-consuming. Contrarily, Bradford method is the most commonly used one (within 10min), which can detect the minimum amount of protein and is very simple to use. This PRO-MEASURE™ Solution is even more convenient than Bradford assay, declining all of solution itself so that the background absorbance is maintained very low.

Fig 1. Bradford assay principle

  • 01Protein Purification
  • 02SDS PAGE
  • 03Western blot assay, etc.
Kit Contents
Content Size
PRO-MEASURE™ solution(10x) 100ml × 1 ea
Standard solution(BSA, 1 mg/ml) 1ml × 1 ea
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Preparation of standard curve using BSA concentration

Using PRO-MEASURE ™ Protein Measurement Solution, dilute by the concentration of BSA provided in the product and measure the absorbance at 595 nm to create a standard curve

Calculate standard curve through OD595 and concentration of BSA.

TroubleShooting Guide
QIs there a protein quantification reagent using the Bradford method?
AWe recommend our PRO-MEASURE products. The Bradford assay method can be used more easily and the background absorbance is adjusted to be low with ultra-pure product. In addition, it is difficult for other companies to measure accurate values because the measurement solution itself is colored by SDS and EDTA. On the other hand, our products can reduce measurement errors by developing them to minimize response.
QWe know that PRO-MEASURE has a capacity of 100 ml. What is the actual amount of protein assay?
ABecause the PRO-MEASURE Solution is available in 10X solution, the actual assayable amount is 1L. Before use, add 1 volume of PRO-MEASURE Solution and 9 volumes of distilled water to make 1X solution.
QI have created a standard curve, each time with different results. Is this an experimental error?
AObtaining different standard curves every time is a limitation of Bradford-based protein quantification experiments. Therefore, the supplied manual values are also not absolute values. To reduce the error as much as possible, a more reliable value can be obtained by narrowing the BSA dilution range when making the standard curve and conducting the experiment. It is also recommended to use minimal triplication when creating a standard calibration curve.
QWhat is the range of protein quantification of PRO-MEASURE?
AOur PRO-MEASURE products use the Bradford method, a general protein quantification method. The time required for the experiment is as short as 10 minutes, and very small amounts of protein of about 10-25 ug/㎕ can be detected.
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