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GangNam-STAIN™ Prestained Protein Ladder

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24052 250 ㎕ Inquire

12 bands between 10 and 245 kDa are available in a wide range of identifiable Prestained Protein Ladder

  • • Broad protein marker with 12 bands in the range of 10~245 kDa
  • • Clear identification by two reference bands, 25 kDa(Green) and 75 kDa(Red)
  • • Easy-to-use products without prior processing
  • • Suitable for Western blotting, CBB staining, Silver staining and etc
  • • High efficiency with small amount

GangNam-STAIN™ Prestained Protein Ladder is a protein marker that can identify the protein size during protein electrophoresis with 12 bands between 10~245 kDa. It is specially efficient to use by two reference bands (Green:25 kDa, Red:75 kDa) and possible to use directly without pre-treatment such as buffer dilution. GangNam-Stain™ Prestained Protein Ladder is very suitable for protein separation from SDS-PAGE, confirmation of Western blot transfer efficiency, CBB staining and silver staining.

  • 01SDS-PAGE
  • 02Western Blotting
  • 03CBB staining
  • 04Silver staining
Kit Contents
Contents Volumes
GangNam-STAIN™ Prestained Protein Ladder 250 ㎕ x 1 vial
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Guide for Molecular Weight Estimation (kDa)
Migration patterns of GangNam-STAIN™ in different electrophoresis conditions are listed below:

Note : The apparent molecular weight (kDa) of each protein has been determined by calibration against an unstained protein standard; Supplemental data should be considered for more accurate adjustment in different electrophoresis conditions.

All products are for research use only.

Caution : Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

TroubleShooting Guide
QWhat is the broad range of this product if I want to identify proteins below 9 kDa?
AThe broad range of the GangNam-STAIN ™ Prestained Protein Ladder is between 10-245 kDa. Therefore, we can not confirm the exact size of 9kDa or less. For more detailed band size, please refer to the manual or homepage provided.
QIs it a pre-staining product with markers visible during SDS PAGE?
AGangNam-STAIN™ is a pre-staining product that allows visual inspection of band movement on SDS-PAGE. In addition, each band is a purified protein mixture bound with covalent bonds with Green and Red dyes. It is convenient to visually confirm the protein transfer efficiency to the membrane during western blot transcription..
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