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i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
25161 250 unit Inquire
25162 500 unit Inquire

High-specificity i-StarTaq ™ PCR core Kit with hot-start to reduce non-specific amplification

  • • High specificity and accuracy with hot-start function
  • • High purity Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase
  • • Highly reproducible results
  • • Applicable to general PCR, RT-PCR, multiplex PCR and DNA discrimination by PCR (VNTR, STR, RAPD)
  • • Applicable to DNA from cloned DNA to human genomic DNA

i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase is a non-antibody, chemical-based, hot-start enzyme that reduces nonspecific amplification and improves specificity and accuracy. Therefore, it can be used as a solution when the specific band is weakly amplified by nonspecific amplification such as nonspecific band or primer dimer.Although Taq DNA Polymerase is most commonly used in PCR, as the number of targets to be amplified varies, Taq DNA Ppolymerase is not suitable for some PCR conditions. The most frequently encountered problem in PCR is that the non-specific band is amplified together or the amplification of the specific band is remarkably low or fails, mainly due to the low specificity. This happens because either the forward or reverse primer is less specific or the two primers are more prone to primer dimers because Taq DNA Polymerase is usually active at room temperature to prepare the PCR reaction solution. Hot-start PCR is a method designed to overcome this problem by blocking the physicochemical reaction of Taq DNA Polymerase to prevent it from working below the annealing temperature of the primer. Classically, we used a physical method to start the reaction by adding Taq DNA Polymerase to the PCR reaction solution heated to 94 ℃ or to physically isolate the reaction solution and Taq DNA Polymerase using wax. Currently, we perform hot-start PCR using a specific antibody or chemically inactivating Taq DNA Polymerase.As described above, i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase is a hot-start PCR method which is a chemical method and is suitable for general PCR and RT-PCR as well as Multiplex PCR and disease diagnosis research.

  • 01Pathogen detection
  • 02Genomic DNA PCR
  • 03Hot-start PCR
  • 04Real-time PCR
  • 05High GC rich, repeat region PCR
  • 06T/A vector cloning
  • 07LOH or MSI analysis related PCR, etc.
Kit Contents
Content 250 Units 500 Units
i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase(5U/ml) 250 units x 1 tube 500 units x 1 tube
10× PCR Buffer(w/20 mM Mg2+) 1 ml x 1 tube 1 ml x 1 tube
10× Mg2+ free PCR Buffer 1 ml x 1 tube 1 ml x 1 tube
10 mM dNTPs (2.5 mM/each) 500 μl x 1 tube 1 ml x 1 tube
25 mM Mg2+ 1 ml x 1 tube 1 ml x 1 tube
Manual 1 ea 1 ea



Technical Data

Optimal amounts of templates from different origins

Sensitivity comparison data from Multiplex PCR

Using the i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase and Hot-start DNA Polymerase from Company A and B, the sensitivities of the multiplex primers (fyuA (780 bp), tsh (420 bp), and Irp2 (280 bp) As can be seen from the results, i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase shows excellent sensitivity at low template concentrations.

Lane M, 100 bp DNA Marker; lane 1, Negative control; lane 2, 100 ng gDNA, Lane 3, 50 ng gDNA; lane 4, 25 ng gDNA; lane 5, 12.5 ng gDNA; la ne 6, 6.25 ng gDNA; lane 7, 3.125 ng gDNA; lane 8, 1.5625 ng gDNA

TroubleShooting Guide
QI am conducting a PCR experiment with the virus gene as a template. Non-specific band seems to be floating. Is it possible to remove non-specific band?
AWe recommend our i-StarTaq ™. In general, the most common problem encountered in PCR is the amplification of nonspecific bands. Many people use the hot-start method to reduce nonspecific reactions. i-StarTaq ™ is a product with hot-start effect, which reduces nonspecific amplification such as nonspecific band or primer dimer.  I am using a polymerase type product recently using Intron's Maxime PCR premix (i-StarTaq ™). I did the experiment using the quantification as described in the manual but the PCR band did not come out. 
QThere are many cases where there are no results. Especially, in the case of PCR experiment, because of using a very small amount of sample, those who are not familiar with the experiment may not get the results of the experiment because of pipetting error. PCR reaction Please check the addition of enzyme, primer and template when manufacturing solution.
AI used i-StarTaq ™ to reduce nonspecific reactions, but multi-band appears. Some customers use a template more than the recommended amount to increase the amount of PCR product. If an excess of template is added, the template will act as a PCR inhibitor and the PCR reaction may not occur normally. Before the experiment, check the template and check the primer. If there are other parts with the same sequence, multi band may appear. 
QIs there a problem with T / A cloning in case of i-StarTaq ™? T-cloning is not possible if pfu function is included. Is T-cloning possible
AOur i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase is a hot start Taq ™ DNA Polymerase and does not use pfu ™ DNA Polymerase. As a result, there is no problem with T / A cloning.
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