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i-MAX™Ⅱ DNA Polymerase

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
25261 250 unit Inquire

PCR core kit with high sensitivity, accuracy and low error rate that can amplify from small size DNA to more than 20 Kb DNA with proofreading function

  • • High accuracy and low error rates
       - Possible for amplifying long DNA template with Proof-reading activity
       - high amplification efficiency for amplification of long template DNA and short template DNA
  • • Applicable to various DNA from cloned DNA, human genomic DNA to templates that are difficult to amplify such as GC-rich or looped sequences.

i-MAX ™ II DNA Polymerase is an enzyme that has the advantages of Taq DNA Polymerase and Pfu DNA Polymerase to overcome the disadvantages of each enzyme and to obtain new functions. It has a small size DNA (4 ~ 5 Kb) to 20 It can amplify up to Kb DNA.In the case of Taq DNA Polymerase, if the template is over 5 Kb, the efficiency of amplification is significantly lowered. Depending on the type of template, DNA template of 10 Kb or more is difficult to amplify. This is because Taq DNA Polymerase has no proof-reading activity, and when mismatched nucleotides are inserted during DNA synthesis, the template fails to polymerize. These defects in Taq DNA Polymerase can be overcome by using a thermostable DNA polymerase with corrective function. This corrective function is to remove the mismatched (non-complementary) nucleotide when the DNA Polymerase undergoes a polymerization reaction, and correct it with a complementary nucleotide. This activity allows PCR products of more accurate base sequences to be obtained than Taq DNA Polymerase, but allows amplification of longer DNA templates compared to Taq DNA Polymerase. Pfu DNA Polymerase is the most suitable enzyme among the thermostable DNA Polymerase with this calibration function. It is suitable for long size PCR (up to ~ 30 kb) which is difficult to amplify with general Taq. It has higher fidelity and proof reading function than general Taq DNA Polymerase . However, Pfu DNA Polymerase has the disadvantage that it takes more time to polymerize the DNA due to its poor polymerization efficiency. i-MAX ™ II DNA Polymerase has advantages such as Taq DNA Polymerase and Pfu DNA Polymerase, which not only increased the amplification rate in long size as well as small size (4 ~ 5Kb) Represents a product.

  • 01General PCR
  • 02PCR for Human genomic DNA
  • 03Long DNA fragment amplification: amplify to 20 Kb
  • 04TA Cloning & Blunt Cloning, etc.
Kit Contents
Content 250 Units
i-MAX™ II DNA Polymerase(5U/ml) 250 units x 1 tube
10× PCR Buffer(w/20 mM Mg2+) 1.5 ml x 1 tube
10× Mg2+ free PCR Buffer 1.5 ml x 1 tube
10 mM dNTPs (2.5 mM/each) 800 μl x 1 tube
25 mM Mg2+ 1.5 ml x 1 tube
Manual 1 ea



Technical Data

Sensitivity comparison data

Compared to i-MAX ™ II DNA Polymerase, products with the same function of other companies were used to measure the sensitivity of DNA amplification. As you can see from the results, i-MAX ™ II DNA Polymerase effectively amplifies about 100 to 1,000 times less DNA than other products.

Lane M, 100 bp Ladder DNA Marker; lane 1, 25 ng gDNA; lane 2, 5 ng gDNA; lane 3, 1 ng gDNA; lane 4, 200 pg gDNA; lane 5, 40 pg gDNA; lane 6, 8 pg gDNA; lane 7, 1.6 pg gDNA; lane NC, negative control

Batch stability test result

Production of i-MAX ™ II DNA Polymerase Batch variation was confirmed through sensitivity activity of 1 Kb size using Lamda DNA as a template. Equivalent activity of batches for each type of amplification can be confirmed.

Lane M, 1 Kb DNA ladder; lane NC, Negative control; lane 1, 100 ng lamda DNA; lane 2, 50 ng lamda DNA; lane 3, 25 ng lamda DNA; lane 4, 12.5 ng lamda DNA; lane 5, 6.25 ng lamda DNA; lane 6, 3.125 ng lamda DNA; lane 7, 1.5625 ng lamda DNA

TroubleShooting Guide
Qi-MAXII ™ used a PCR pattern similar to the previous one while searching for taq for TA cloning by extracting genomic DNA from the plant, but the cloning does not work well. 
AOur i-MAXII ™ is designed for long PCR, but TA cloning is also available. However, when TA cloning small size products, we recommend i-Taq ™, which is suitable for TA-cloning rather than i-MAXII ™. 
QRNA was extracted with easy-spin, and then cDNA was synthesized with Maxime RT. PCR was performed using i-MAXII ™, but PCR efficiency is poor. 
AThank you for using our products. After synthesizing the cDNA, if the amount of template is large during PCR, it may cause PCR inhibition. Therefore, you can get better results if you run the experiment by reducing the amount of template. 
QThe fidelity of i-MAXII ™ is high on the homepage. What is the error rate compared to i-pfu ™?
AThe error rate of i-MAXII ™ is 1.8X10-8. For i-pfu™, it is 1X10-6
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