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2X PCR Master mix Solution (i-StarMAXⅡ)

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
25174 0.5 ㎖ x 2 vials Inquire

2x PCR Master mix type with high-sensitivity and accurate amplification with hot-start function and proofreading function  

  • • Ready to Use
       - All reagents required for the reaction are in solution in the tube
       - Immediate PCR by adding template and primer
  • • PCR reaction volume control
  • • High accuracy, specificity and low error rate
       - Added Hot-start function of i-StarTaq™ DNA polymerase
       - Proof-reading activity enables amplification of long DNA template
       - High amplification efficiency and sensitivity to amplification of long and short template
  • • DNA   Cloned DNA, human genomic DNA, as well as GC-rich or looped sequences that are difficult to amplify    
       Can be applied to various DNA  

2x PCR Master Mix Solution (i-StarMAX ™II) is a product designed to achieve the best and simple results by using 2x Master mix type in one tube for all components necessary for PCR reaction including i-StarMAX ™II DNA Polymerase is. This product is able to perform PCR by adding template DNA, primer set and D.W only, and gel loading buffer is included, so gel loading can be done without any other treatment. I-StarMAX ™ II DNA Polymerase used in this product is a mixture of hot-start i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase and Proofreading DNA Polymerase. It reduces nonspecific reaction and error rate, It is very useful for PCR. It is also useful for demanding template / primer systems. High yield PCR products can be obtained by setting the extension time of PCR to 30 ~ 60 seconds per kb. i-StarMAX ™ DNA Polymerase is suitable for high-performance amplification and rapid PCR of 15 Kb or more of PCR targets that are difficult to achieve with proofreading DNA polymerase alone. The 2x PCR Master Mix Solution (i-StarMAX ™ II) is highly reproducible and allows you to quickly and easily test various samples.

  • 01General PCR
  • 02Disease diagnostics
  • 03SNP analysis
  • 04Human genomic DNA for PCR
  • 05Multi-plex PCR
  • 06TA Cloning & Blunt Cloning, etc.
Kit Contents
Content 25174
2x PCR Master mix Solution(i-StarMAXTM II) 0.5 ml x 2 tubes



Technical Data

Sensitivity Comparison data

(780 bp), tsh (420 bp), and Irp2 (280 bp) were diluted by concentration to dilute the E. coli genomic DNA template to compare sensitivity with 2x PCR Master Mix Solution (i-StarMAX ™ II) ) Multiplex PCR. As a result, we can confirm the superior results compared with other products.

A, 2x PCR Master mix Solution(i-StarMAX™ II); B, Competitor
Lane M, 100 bp DNA Marker; lane N, Negative control; lane 1, 100 ng gDNA, Lane 2, 50 ng gDNA; lane 3, 25 ng gDNA; lane 4, 12.5 ng gDNA; Lane 5, 6.25 ng gDNA; lane 6, 3.125 ng gDNA; lane 7, 1.5625 ng gDNA

In order to compare the sensitivity of 2x PCR Master Mix Solution (i-StarMAX ™ II) with other products of the same function, long PCR of 20 Kb fragments was performed by diluting λDNA template by concentration. Our kits shows better result.

A, 2x PCR Master mix Solution(i-StarMAX™ II); B, Competitor
Lane M, 1 Kb DNA Marker; lane N, Negative control; lane 1, 50 ng DNA; lane 2, 25 ng DNA, lane 3, 12.5 ng DNA, lane 4, 6.25 ng DNA, lane 5, 3.125 ng DNA; lane 6, 1.56 ng DNA; lane 7, 0.753 ng DNA

TroubleShooting Guide
QI want to clone for genomic sequencing. There should be no mutation, and products capable of amplifying products over 15kb.
AIntron's i-StarMAX ™ II DNA Polymerase is a DNA Polymerase made from intron technology using recombinant DNA technologySignificantly reduces nonspecific reaction and error rate, and is very useful for PCR of long templates over 20 kb. 
QI am currently trying to clone TA by obtaining a product from genomic DNA. In my experience, I know that even though pfu is part of cloning, I just went ahead and do not get any results. A tailoring possible polymerase recommendation:
ATA cloning is possible even with our i-StarMAXTM II.
QWhat is the difference between i-StarMAXII™ and i-MAXTM II?
Ai-StarMAXII ™ is capable of long PCR of 20kb or more with hot start function. On the other hand, i-MAX TM II has a hot start functionIt can be used when you want to obtain long size product without having. 
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