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Maxime™ PCR PreMix (i-StarTaq)

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
25165 96 tubes (20 ㎕) Inquire
25167 96 tubes x 5 ea Inquire

Dried and aliquoted PreMix Kit of i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase with high specificity with hot-start to reduce nonspecific amplification

  • • Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one products   
       - All the reagents required for the reaction are in dried pellet in one tube   
       - Immediate PCR by adding template and primer
       - Gel loading electrophoresis is possible because it contains loading dye
  • • Excellent product stability and reproducibility
       - Excellent reproducibility with dried & aliquoted PreMix by ALHP system   
       - Excellent stability due to oxidation and moisture prevention by vacuum compression manufacturing method
  • • High specificity and accuracy with hot-start function
  • • High-purity Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase
  • • Highly reproducible results   
  • • Applicable to general PCR, RT-PCR, multiplex PCR and DNA discrimination by PCR (VNTR, STR, RAPD)
  • • Applicable to DNA from cloned DNA to human genomic DNA

Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq™) contains all components (dNTP mixture, reaction buffer, etc.) necessary for PCR reaction including i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase in each PCR tube by ALHP system. Because it is in the state, it can remarkably reduce the experimental error to pipetting between the experimenter, and it has excellent reproducibility. It is a product with excellent stability of activity due to the oxidation and moisture prevention of main components in the product by vacuum compression manufacturing method . In addition, this product can perform PCR by adding template DNA, primer set and D.W only, and it can contain gel loading buffer.

The i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase used in this product implements a chemical-based hot-start function that is not antibody-based. It reduces nonspecific amplification and improves specificity and accuracy. It is a non-specific band such as a nonspecific band or primer dimer, It is an enzyme used as a solution when the band is weakly amplified. With this hot-start function, it is the best enzyme for general PCR and RT-PCR as well as multiplex PCR and disease diagnosis. The Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq™) uses the i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase to improve specificity and accuracy, as well as providing excellent results in sensitive areas. The element is in a dried pellet in one tube, so it can be tested very quickly and easily for various samples.

  • 01Pathogen detection
  • 02Genomic DNA PCR
  • 03Hot-start PCR
  • 04Real-time PCR
  • 05High GC rich, repeat region PCR
  • 06T/A vector cloning
  • 07LOH or MSI analysis related PCR, etc.
Kit Contents
Content 25165 25167
Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit(i-StarTaq, for 20 μl rxn) 96 tubes 480 tubes



Technical Data

comparison amplification efficiency with i-StarTaqTM DNA Polymerase

In order to confirm the amplification efficiency and sensitivity of the Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq ™), i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase and E. coli Genomic DNA template were diluted by concentration to obtain fyuA (780 bp), tsh (420 bp), Irp2 280 bp) multiplex PCR was performed. As can be seen from the results, we can see the same sensitivity and amplification rate as our i-StarTaq ™ DNA Polymerase.

Lane M, 100 bp DNA Marker; lane NC, Negative control; lane 1, 100 ng gDNA, Lane 2, 50 ng gDNA; lane 3, 25 ng gDNA; lane 4, 12.5 ng gDNA; Lane 5, 6.25 ng gDNA; lane 6, 3.125 ng gDNA; lane 7, 1.5625 ng gDNA

Sensitivity comparison test

MaximeTM PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaqTM) for the hot-start function and the sensitivity test. K562 genomic DNA was diluted by concentration and PCR was performed with a 161 bp primer. As shown in the results, the results are equivalent to those of other products.

Lane M, 100 bp DNA Marker; lane N, Negative control; lane 1, 200 ng gDNA, Lane 2, 100 ng gDNA; lane 3, 50 ng gDNA; lane 4, 25 ng gDNA;
Lane 5, 12.5 ng gDNA; lane 6, 6.25 ng gDNA; lane 7, 3.125 ng gDNA

TroubleShooting Guide
QI was using S taq, but recently I am looking for other products because of low sensitivity. We are trying to use it for generic PCR verification without large size. Is there an applicable product?
AWe recommend our i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase. i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase is the most basic taq for PCR and you can get satisfactory results in amplification of 1kb or less. 
QThere is a crystal in the PCR buffer which was kept frozen for PCR. Is there any problem with the PCR reaction when crystals are formed?
AThe 10x PCR buffer contained in the Kit content is composed of high concentration and sometimes white crystals may be formed. When crystals are formed, dissolve well by vortexing at room temperature and do not affect the results.
QI am using P company's product, I am diluting the enzyme by 1/10. Is it possible to use Intron product diluted
AThere is no dilution example in our product and there is no experimental data.
QWe can not guarantee the clear result of dilution and use. We recommend that you use the quantities listed in the manual. Maxime™ i-Taq is used. Is it safe to store the product that was being stored at -20 ℃ for about 24 hours at -70 ℃ by replacing the freezer?
AYes, Intron's Maxime™ product line is a warm-drying product with a lower water content than freeze-dried products. Therefore, it is not influenced by enzyme activity because it is less freezing factor at low temperature storage. For reference, it is valid for 1 month at room temperature, 6 months for refrigerated and 1 year for freezing. 
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