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FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-Taq)

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FastMix Kit of i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase with high stability at room temperature and enhanced amplification and sensitivity

  • • Maximize stability at room temperature Stable without change of product activity for more than 6 months at room temperature
  • • Maximize sensitivity and amplification Increased amplification and sensitivity than existing Maxime products PCR buffer optimization with enhancing reagent to facilitate enzyme activity
  • • FastMix, All-in-one products, reagents required for reaction are in dried pellet in one tube. 
  • • Excellent product stability and reproducibility with dried & aliquoted FastMix by ALHP system.
  • • Applicable to various DNAs from cloned DNA to human genomic DNA

FastMix / Frenche ™ PCR (i-Taq™) excludes artificial additives for each component of PCR to optimize PCR activity and maintain its activity stability at room temperature for more than 6 months. This is a maximized product. In addition, all the components (dNTP mixture, reaction buffer, etc.) necessary for PCR reaction including i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase were included in each PCR tube by ALHP system to obtain reproducible results by significantly reducing the error range between the experimenters dried pellet. It is a product with very stable activity due to oxidation and moisture prevention of major components in the product by vacuum compression manufacturing method. This product is able to perform PCR by adding template DNA, primer set and D.W only. It contains gel loading buffer and can perform gel loading without any other treatment.

This product is composed of a PCR buffer containing an enhancing reagent that can promote the activity of i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase to maximize sensitivity and amplification rate, which is more efficient than conventional Maxime products. In addition, i-Taq™ DNA Polymerase purified by high purity by removing

E. coli

- derived protein and DNA that can act as a pollutant in PCR can be stably and efficiently amplified and amplified up to 5 kb from genomic DNA and cDNA. FastMix / Frenche™ PCR (i-Taq™) not only maximizes stability at room temperature but also has a much higher sensitivity and amplification rate than existing Maxime products. All components required for PCR reaction are in a dried pellet state It is a product that can be tested very quickly and easily for various samples.

  • 01Genomic DNA, cDNA PCR
  • 02RT-PCR(Second round PCR of RT-PCR)
  • 03Direct sequencing related PCR
  • 04T/A Cloning or Blunt-end Cloning
TroubleShooting Guide
QWe want to conduct PCR by extracting genomic DNA from clinical samples. Clinical samples can not increase the initial template volume. I used conventional taq but it does not amplify well. It should be amplified well in trace amount of sample and use it for diagnosis.
AThank you for your interest in our company. We recommend Frenche PCR (i-Taq), (Cat. 25041) because it has low initial template usage and high amplification efficiency. This product maximizes sensitivity and amplification rate by using PCR buffer containing Enhancing reagent to promote enzyme activity.
QWe want to perform chemical assay using Human cell line. Subsequent experiments are affected by MgCl2 content. What is the concentration of MgCl2 present in the PCR reaction buffer?
AThe presence of MgCl2 in APCR reaction buffer is 2.0 mM. For more information, please check the KIT CONTENTS section of the manual.
QI am studying in Dubai for a while due to my research project in Korea. Because the current laboratory does not have a heating / heating system, I do not get the desired result for each taq I use. Is there a stable taq in temperature change?
AWe recommend our Frenche PCR product. The Frenche PCR product incorporates RTS technology to improve enzyme stability even at room temperature and maintain enzyme activity even when stored at room temperature for 6 months. Therefore, it is suitable for obtaining the desired result even if it is used in the experimental environment that you are in.
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