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MEGAquick-spin™ Plus Total Fragment DNA Purification Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17290 200 col. Inquire

Product available for performing 65 bp ~ 10 Kb size of DNA extraction and clean up from PCR product and agarose gel

  • • Recovery of DNA is very high
       - PCR clean up : 90 ~ 95%
       - Gel extraction : 70 ~ 85%
  • • Experiment is very simple and quick
  • • Available for downstream applications such as sequencing and restriction enzyme digestion

MEGAquick-spinTM Plus Total Fragment DNA Purification Kit is used for performing separation/purification of Fragment DNA from PCR product, agarose gel DNA and DNA Clean-up. 65 bp to 100Kb size of DNA can be separated/purified. Furthermore, DNA is purified effectively while removing almost all primer dimer in PCR product. Also, high yield of DNA can be obtained by performing lysis for agarose gel with various concentration. Downstream applications such as DNA sequencing, cloning, labeling, restriction enzyme digestion can be conducted by using high yield of purified DNA.

  • 01For extraction of DNA fragments from agarose gel
  • 02For Purification of PCR products or reaction mixtures
Kit Contents
Contents 50 col. 200 col.
BNL Buffer / Plus (Agarose gel lysis buffer) 40ml 160ml
Washing Buffer / Plus 15ml 45ml
Elution Buffer / Plus 5ml 20ml
Spin Column 50 ea 200 ea
Collection Tube 50 ea 200 ea
Manual 1 ea 1 ea


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TroubleShooting Guide
QWhat is recovery rate and what is the amounts of DNA binding capacity?
AIt is 20µg and recovery rate for gel extraction is 70% ~ 85% and 90% ~ 95% for PCR clean–up.
QWhat if DNA fragment size is larger than 5kb?
ABefore centriguation, please warm Elution Buffer / Plus at 60℃.
QIs it okay to store Kit at Room temperature?
AThis kit can be stored at Room temperature for 2 years and no damage on performance.
QWhat is the maximum size of extracted DNA?
AIt can be 10Kb DNA.
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