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SiZer™-1,000 DNA Marker Solution

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24074 0.5 ㎖ Inquire

A variety of size fragments consisting of 12 fragments between 250 and 10,000 bp DNA Marker  

  • • Identify various size fragments of 12 fragments between 250 and 10,000 bp
  • • Easy-to-use product with ready-to-use type  
  • • Excellent sharpness and resolution
  • • Available in RedSafe ™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (Cat. No. 21141), Ethidium bromide and other DNA stains

SizerTM -1000 DNA Marker Solution is a product that can confirm the size when nucleic acid electrophoresis is performed, and DNA ranging from 250 bp to 10,000 bp can be identified. A total of 12 fragments, 250 /500 /750/1,000/1,500/ 2,000/ 3,000/ 4,000/ 5,000/ 6,000/ 8,000/ Consists of 10,000 bp. Each band has a concentration of 40 ng per 5 μl. A band of 2,000 bp and a band of 5,000 bp consist of a concentration of 100 ng to facilitate size identification. In addition, since the loading buffer is included with the marker, it can be used immediately without any additional formulation before use. It can be stained with its proprietary RedSafe ™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (Cat. No. 21141), ethidium bromide (EtBr) and other DNA stains.

  • 01DNA related study
  • 02RNA related study
  • 03Agarose gel electrophoresis
Kit Contents
Content 24074
Sizer™ -1000 plus DNA Marker 0.5 ml x 1 tubes
Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Electrophoresis(1% Agarose gel)

The 5 ml of Sizer™ -1000 DNA Marker Solution was loaded, and then electrophoresed for 1 hr at appropriate concentration of gel.

TroubleShooting Guide
QHow much is the Maker usage?
AThe recommended usage of our products is 5 ㎕. Q: The size range of the target gene is mainly 150 ~ 1000bp. We used 100bp and 1000bp in the past. 
QCan I check ?
AWe recommend SiZer ™ 1000 plus. The size of this product is 100 bp ~ 1500 bp.
QI would like to see the DNA market band and quantify DNA. What is the DNA concentration per band?
AWhen loading 5 μl, the typical band is 100 ng and the other band is 40 ng. For more information, see Protocol.
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