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Agarose LE

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Analytical grade (Routine analysis) of Agarose; Suitable for fragmentation between 500 bp and 23,000 bp  Agarose is a polymer in which galactan, a polysaccharide, is linearly arranged and is separated and purified from agar (agar) or seaweed (agar), which has agar components. Agarose is made up of a gel matrix, which is ideal for use as a transport medium due to diffusion and current mobility. Agarose gel electrophoresis is an essential process for gene testing and is widely used for nucleic acid analysis and isolation. Agarose LE can be used for electrophoresis in all applications, and has high purity and transparency, enabling highly accurate electrophoresis. It is suitable for fragmentation between 500 bp and 23 kb and is the golden standard for routine use. 

  • • Analytical grade(Routine analysis)
  • • Gel strength(1%) > 1,200g/㎠
  • • GellingTemp range (1.5%) 36℃ ± 1.5℃
  • • MeltingTemp ≥ 90℃
  • • DNase/RNase Non detected
  • Analytical electrophoresis of DNA and RNA ≥ 100 bp
  • Northern / Southern blotting of DNA and RNA
Kit Contents
Contents 32033 32034
Agarose LE100 g × 1 ea500 g × 1 ea
TroubleShooting Guide
QOur laboratory is trying to electrophore a wide range of PCR products (150bp ~ 10kb). Is there a suitable agarose?
AOur Agarose LE is a gold standard agarose that can be used for electrophoresis in all applications, can be precisely electrophoresed with high purity and transparency, and has a separating function of up to 100bp ~ 23kb including the range to be seen.
QNorthern and Southern blotting. But the size is big and I am worried. Is there a suitable agarose for 1.2kb?
AA We recommend Agarose LE. Ideal for Northern blotting and Southern blotting, it is ideal for Northern blotting from 500bp to 10kb with excellent gel strength (1%; 1,200g / ㎠) and excellent agarose for nucleic acid analysis over 1kb.
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