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RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution 

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RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) is a new and safe nucleic acid staining reagent, a substitute for EtBr (ethidium bromide)
The RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution exhibits two fluorescence excitation maxima at 309 nm and 419 nm when bound to nucleic acids and is visible at a wavelength of 514 nm. RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution is as sensitive as EtBr and its usage is similar to EtBr. Compared with EtBr, a potent carcinogen, RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution showed almost no mutation in the Ames test and negative results in mouse marrow chromophilous erythrocyte micronucleus test and mouse spermary spermatocyte chromosomal aberration test. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you select RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Stainig Solution (20,000x) instead of EtBr to identify nucleic acids on agarose gel.

    • 01 Separated by agarose gel electrophoresis Identification of DNA / RNA bands
    • 02 Without mutation caused by EtBr Separate the subcloned DNA fragment
    • 01RT (Room Temperature)

Citation List
1 Microbial Ecology
July 2015, Volume 70, Issue 1,  pp 274–286
Endosymbiotic Candidates for Parasitoid Defense in Exotic and Native New Zealand Weevils Jennifer A. White , Nicola K. Richards, Aurelie Laugraud, Abiya Saeed, Meghan M. Curry, Mark R. McNeill
2  Journal of the Entomological Research Society; Ankara Vol. 17, Iss. 2,  (2015): 93-101.  Molecular Identification of Western-Palaearctic Leaf Beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) Lopes, Susana T; Dourado, Catarina G; Oliveira, Ana Rita; e Silva, Israel Faria; Farinha, Ana
3 Past Management Science Volume73,Issue1
November 2017
Pages 2334-2344
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TroubleShooting Guide
QYou are currently using EtBt.
ARedSafe™ is a safe nucleic acid staining reagent with no toxicity or carcinogenicity as a substitute for EtBr. This product is the same as EtBr and emits green fluorescence when exposed to UV light. 
QI am using RedSafe™, which is harmless to the body when I use EtBr. I have a band that is blurred compared to EtBr.
AHave you been agarose gel for a long time? RedSafe™ is less persistent than EtBr because it is designed to not pass through the human mucosa. Therefore, when using RedSafe™, you can get the same result as EtBr if you use fresh gel. 
QI would like to compare Invitrogen's SyberSafe with iNtRON's RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution as an EtBr replacement. Can I request a sample?
AThank you for your interest in our products. This product is a new and safe nucleic acid staining reagent as a substitute for EtBr (ethidium bromide) used to identify nucleic acid in Argarose gel, and it emits green fluorescence. Samples will be processed through our sales representative as soon as possible. 
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