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G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17045 50 col. Inquire
17046 200 col. Inquire

Spin type product for extracting high yield and high purified DNA from various specimen such as Whole Blood, Cell, Tissue, Fixed tissue and Gram (-) Bacteria.

  • • Possible to extract DNA from various specimens such as Whole Blood, Cell, Tissue, Fixed tissue and Gram (-) Bacteria
  • • Possible to extract high yield and purified DNA with upgraded Lysis Buffer and Binding Buffer
  • • In case for extracting specimen from Blood, DNA can be extracted with only one buffer without performing RBC lysis separately.
  • • Genomic DNA extraction can be done quickly within 20~30 minutes.
  • • Optimized protocol for each specimen is provided.

G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit is instructed to extract genomic DNA simply and quickly from animal culture cell, blood, animal tissue, Rodent tail, fixed tissue, hair and Gram negative bacteria. This product provides upgraded Lysis Buffer and Binding Buffer compare to conventional G-spin™ Series in order to extract high yield and purified DNA from various specimens but also make possible to extract from blood without any process needed for RBC lysis. Also, it removes inhibitor in order to be used in downstream applications such as PCR and hybridization research. Also, it provides optimized protocol for each specimens (Table 1. Reference), therefore there is very high reproducibility for test results and expedite experiments. G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit verified its performance through testing various types of specimens.

Table 1. Protocols of G-spinTM Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit

  • 01Cancer research
  • 02Gram negative bacterial research
  • 03Human genetic research
  • 04Viral DNA Research
  • 05Detection Assay : PCR, real time PCR
  • 06DNA hybridization : Southern blotting, microarray
Kit Contents
Contents 50 COLUMNS 200 COLUMNS
Buffer CL 25ml × 1 ea 90ml × 1 ea
Buffer BL 25ml × 1 ea 90ml × 1 ea
Buffer WA 40ml × 1 ea 160ml × 1 ea
Buffer WB (Concentration) 10ml / 5ml 40ml / 20ml
Buffer CE 20ml × 1 ea 40ml × 1 ea
Spin Column (Green color) & Collection tube 50 ea 200 ea
RNase A, lyophilized 3 mg x 1 vial 3 mg x 4 vial
Proteinase K, lyophilized 22 mg x 1 vial 22 mg x 4 vial
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
Technical Data

Recovery rates based on various specimens

After extracting DNA from various types of samples using G-spinTM Total Genomic DNA Extraction kit, high yield and purified DNA is identified from animal cell, blood, tissue, gram-negative bacteria and biological swab.

After loading 100ng of extracted DNA using G-spinTM Total Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit on 0.8 % agarose gel(including 1X RedSafe), intact genomic DNA is identified.

Lane M, DNA Marker, lane 1, K562 cell; lane 2, SNU-1 cell; lane 3, U937 cell; lane 4, HeLa cell; lane 5, NIH/3T3 cell; lane 6, Vero cell; lane 7, B16 cell; lane 8, Liver(mouse); lane 9, Heart (mouse); lane 10, Lung(mouse); lane 11, Brain(mouse); lane 12, Kidney(mouse); lane 13, Spleen(mouse); lane 14, muscle(mouse); lane 15, stomach(mouse); lane 16, Tail(mouse); lane 17, Hair(human); lane 18, blood(treated EDTA); lane 19, blood(treated Heparin); lane 20, blood(treated citrate); lane 21, Buffy coat 1; lane 22, Buffy coat 2; lane 23, E. coli; lane 24, P. aeruginosa; lane 25, S. gallinarium; lane 26, Blood swab; lane 27, Buccal swab

DNA extraction Test regarding to Blood sample

In order to observe efficiency of genomic DNA extraction from blood, comparison data between competitors was obtained. Purity of extracted DNA was good when DNA was extracted from 6.25 μl to 200ul of blood volume. Efficiency of DNA extraction was excellent.

After observing DNA’s recovery rate by repeating DNA extraction third time from blood samples obtained by five different contributors, although there is discrepancy between blood contributors, stable recovery of DNA with high reproducibility was identified.

TroubleShooting Guide
QRNase A and Proteinase K contained in the product are in the form of powder. What should be used to dissolve the buffer? What is the concentration after melting?
ARNase A and Proteinase K of this product are supplied as "Lyophilized" and dissolved in pure DW. In case of RNase A, it is supplied in 3mg and dissolved in 0.3ml pure DW, the concentration is 10mg / ml. Proteinase K is supplied in 22 mg and is dissolved in 1.1 ml pure DW at a concentration of 20 mg / ml. Experiment with the amount given in the protocol according to the sample. -20 ℃). After receiving the product, spin down the RNase A and Proteinase K tubes before dissolving and then put in pure DW.
QIt is called total DNA. Does it mean whole genome extraction kit?
AThis product is "Total" which means that gDNA can be extracted from most samples such as whole blood, cell, tissue, fixed tissue and Gram (-) bacteria. gDNA extraction from the sample is possible.
QWe use the Blood gDNA extraction kit. I used G-spin Blood for the first time and now I am using i-genomic Blood product. i-genomic Blood was easy to process with RBC lysis and cell lysis step at once. How does whole blood lysis of G-spin Total product proceed?
AThank you for using our product. The G-spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit consists of "RBC and Cell lysis at once," which users felt convenient. In addition, up-grade of lysis buffer and binding buffer improves inhibitor removal efficiency.
QWe want to extract gDNA from paraffin block tissue. Is there an extractable product?
AExtraction is possible with G-spin Total DNA Extraction mini kit. It is possible to extract gDNA from paraffin embedded block and formalin fixed tissue. You can check the pre-treatment and extraction method in "16 page - Protocol E" of the supplied product manual.
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