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HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix Kit 

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25135 96 tubes Inquire

Dried & aliquoted one-step RT-PCR PreMix Kit with excellent sensitivity and specificity

  • •  Contained HiSenScript™ RH(-) RTase synthesizing cDNA with excellent sensitivity and high specificity i-StarMAX™ GH DNA polymerase
  • • cDNA synthesis and PCR proceed in a tube with RNA template
  • • A short RT reaction at 45°C for 30 minutes to synthesize a small amount of RNA to cDNA and amplify it with high sensitivity
  • • Provided the convenience of performing RT-PCR immediately after addition of RNA and primers

HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix is an one-step RT-PCR product that performs RT and PCR in a single tube with exceptional sensitivity and specificity even for small amounts of RNA. The RT-PCR Enzymes included in the product are HiSenScript™ RH(-) RTase synthesizing cDNA from RNA and i-StarMAX™ GH DNA polymerase amplifying the synthesized cDNA in a large amount by PCR. The HiSenScript™ RH(-) RTase has a high sensitivity activity to synthesize cDNA for only 30 minutes with a small amount of RNA samples due to RNase H inactivity. i-StarMAX™ GH DNA polymerase with a monoclonal antibody-based hot-start property is capable of high specificity amplification of long size. HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix is a dried pellet type containing reaction buffer, dNTP, Mg2+, tracking loading dye, etc., so it makes reproducible result analysis. In addition, the components needed for all the reactions are contained in one tube, making them easy to use and lowering the difficulty of analyzing the results caused by contamination in experiments. On the other hand, the tracking loading dye is also included in the reagent so as to directly do electrophoresis with RT-PCR product on the agarose gel to confirm the result.

  • 01Detection of target RNA sequence from clinical samples
  • 02Gene expression assay
  • 03 TA cloning
  • 04RNA virus research
Kit Contents
Contents Volumes
HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix 96 tubes
Instruction Manual 1 ea
Technical Data

Detecting the sensitivity of disease-causing viruses


HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix contains HiSenScript™ RH(-) RTase able to detect small amounts of virus RNA in various specimens and i-StarMAX™ GH DNA polymerase helping to keep stable results regardless of template RNA.

Observation of sensitivity amplification efficiency : comparison of other companies


The comparison result shows that HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix has excellent specificity and sensitivity to amplify target RNA only compared to other competitors products.

TroubleShooting Guide
QWhat is the difference between one-step RT-PCR and general RT-PCR?
AGenerally, when conducting RT-PCR, 2 step method is commonly used. First, RNA is changed to cDNA using Oligo dT primer or Random hexamer. Then PCR process is resumed with primers capable of amplifying the target template. This method has the advantage able to amplify synthesized cDNA with other primers, but it is often difficult to confirm reproducible results because it is very susceptible to experimental errors or contamination in various steps. However, the one-step RT-PCR method has the advantage of achieving stable results with minimizing the risk of contamination by simultaneously carrying out the RT process and PCR in a single tube with target specific primers.
QHow different between HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix and existing product?
AHiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix synthesizes cDNA with HiSenScript™ RH(-) reverse transcriptase with excellent sensitivity activity by removing RNase H activity. In addition, it contains i- StarMAX™ GH DNA polymerase with hot-start function helping to obtain high specificity RT-PCR results.
QWe want to detect viral RNA from extracted RNAs of several specimens. Which product is suitable?
ARNA type viruses belonging to pathogenic pathogens are often found in very small specimens. When multiple samples are to be identified at the same time, you should be careful for errors or incorrect results caused by contamination. HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix can detect small amounts of viral RNA with excellent sensitivity and specificity, and minimize contamination with high convenience. In result, it is suitable for molecular diagnosis.
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