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G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria)

Cat.No Capacity Inquire
17121 50 col. Inquire

Spin type products dedicated to genomic DNA extraction of almost all Gram positive and negative bacteria

    • Quick extraction time
    • Provides all enzymes (RNase A, Lysozyme, Proteinase K) for extraction and is stable in lyophilized
    • Spin column type product without ethanol precipitation process
    • Genomic DNA extraction with high yield and purity is possible
    • Provides all enzymes (RNase A, Lysozyme, Proteinase K) for extraction and is stable in lyophilized ​

G-spin ™ Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (for Bacteria) is designed to efficiently extract genomic DNA from gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria. Normally, manual methods such as alcohol precipitation are used to extract genomic DNA from bacteria, but at this time, you will feel inconvenience about process complexity and low purity. In the case of the homebrew protocol, there are so many different protocols depending on the type of bacteria, which makes it difficult to choose which method to use.

Our G-spin ™ Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (for Bacteria) is a dedicated product for genomic DNA extraction of various Bacteria and has been verified by many customers for a long time. An effective and milky Buffer system can stabilize the genomic DNA of bacteria and extract large size genomic DNA without shearing DNA. In addition, it is a product of Spin column type with high purity and high yield GxN technology. It provides the environment that can extract DNA most suitable for research such as PCR, Southern blot, RAPD, Sequencing.

  • 01Bacteria genome research
  • 02PCR, Real time PCR
  • 03DNA hybridization : Southern blotting, microarray
  • 04Pathogenic bacteria detection
  • 05Environmental research
Kit Contents
Contents 50 COLUMNS
Pre-Buffer 3ml
G-Buffer 20ml
Binding Buffer 15ml
Washing Buffer A 9ml
Washing Buffer B(Concentration) 10ml
Elution Buffer 20ml
Spin Column (Green color) & Collection tube 50 columns
RNase A, lyophilized 3 mg
Proteinase K, Lyophilized 1.76mg
Lysozyme, Lyophilized 20mg
Manual 1 ea
TroubleShooting Guide
Q I am trying to extract the genomic DNA of Bacteria, but I am not sure whether it is gram positive or negative. Are there any products available for the iNtRON ?
A We recommend the G-Spin ™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria) and refer to the Gram positive bacteria protocol.
Q What is the role of Pre-buffer in order to use only Pre-buffer for Gram-positive bacteria protocol?
A Gram positive bacteria have thicker peptidoglycan layers than negative bacteria. Through an enzyme such as Lysozyme,
It is necessary to disassemble, and Pre-buffer can decompose the thick outer wall of Gram positive.
Q Is there a way to increase the yield of genomic DNA?
A When using this product, increase the lysis time to complete the lysis process, and reduce the elution volume to obtain a higher recovery rate.                                    
Q When I put EtOH in washing buffer, I did not have absolute EtOH, so I put 80% EtOH. Is it okay?
A The use of Absolute EtOH ensures complete removal of the salt, maximizing the efficiency of the washing step.
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