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Real-time PCR

RealMOD™ Green W² 2x qPCR mix

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25350 100 rxn. Inquire

SYBR Green type and can perform real-time PCR easily

  • • Products with high specificity and reproducibility
  • •High efficiency for targets with low copy number
  • •Excellent sensitivity and almost no signal-to-noise due to primer dimers
  • •Excellent qPCR results in templates with high GC contents

RealMOD ™ Green W2 2x qPCR mix is a quantitative PCR product using cDNA or gDNA. This product has a hot start function, low dimer production rate, high specificity and high reproducibility. It is particularly sensitive and has very low signal-to-noise due to primer dimers. In addition, it is possible to experiment with template with high GC contents and it is effective with target of low copy number. This product is available in 2x type.

  • 01Real-time PCR : Detection and quantification of DNA and cDNA targets
  • 02Gene expression profiling : Gene knockdown verification
  • 03Microbial detection : Viral load determination
  • 04Array validation : SNP genotyping
Kit Contents
Content Volumes
RealMOD™ Green W² 2x qPCR mix 1 ml
Manual 1 ea
Wide Instruments Compatibility

RealMOD ™ Green W2 2x qPCR mix is standard qPCR enabled. The types of devices that can be tested using this product are as follows.

  • Applied BioSystems : QuantStudio™ 12K Flex, ViiA™ 7, 7900HT, 7500, 7700, StepOne™ & StepOnePlus™
  • Stratagene : MX3000P™, MX3005P™
  • Bio-Rad : CFX96™ & CFX384™, iQ™5 & MyiQ™, Chromo4™, Opticon®2 & MiniOpicon®
  • Qiagen : Rotor-Gene® Q, Rotor-Gene® 6000
  • Eppendorf : Mastercycler® ep realplex2 & ep realplex4
  • Illumina : The Eco™
  • Roche : LightCycler®480



Technical Data




TroubleShooting Guide
QAs a result of the experiment, a signal was detected at NC (negative control).
AIt may be contaminated from the outside. Be careful of contamination when making mixture.
QWhat is the solution when non specific amplification occurs?
AWe recommend that you first raise the annealing temperature for several reasons. Alternatively, the design of the primer may be incorrect and the amplification may not have occurred well.
Q As a result of the experiment, there is no PCR product or the product signal is weak. What should I do?
AThere are many possible causes for this problem. First, the PCR product size is too long to complete the PCR test. Try reducing the size of the PCR product. 100 - 150 bp is good and may be out of the range of 60 - 300 bp. Also, it is important to find the best temperature for which annealing temperature can affect. For other solutions, check the trouble shooting guide in the manual of this product.
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