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Mycoplasma Infection Emergency ! Is your cell safe?
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Date 12-Jul-18 Hit 937

[Mycoplasma Infection Emergency !  Is your cell safe?]


Mycoplasma infected cell-line may cause critical problems for cell-based research, such as cell therapy and biopharmaceutical production.


Up to 30~85% of cell cultures may be contaminated with mycoplasmas, the main contaminants being the species M. orale, A. laidlawii, M. arginini, M. pneumoniae, M. fermentans, M. hyorhinis.


Efficient mycoplasma nucleic acid extraction is an essential quality control tool to assure accurate research and reliable biotechnological products.


The Myco-spinTM Mycoplasma Extraction Kit is fast and easy methods for extracting mycoplasma infected cell. The kit is suitable for the nucleic acid extraction of mycoplasma species that are most commonly encountered in cell culture.


Please watch your cells safe by using Mycoplasma specialized kits~!

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