R & BDLiliF Technology

LiliF Core Value

  • We think and judge everything flexibly in order to
    secure core competencies and competitive advantage.
    “ The passion is the freedom.”
  • We keep go on thinking about realizing products
    that customers can use our product with
    relief and belief.
  • We aim to create real customer value through
    straightforward, simple and superior technology
    and products.
  • We are constantly innovating to achieve sustainable
    growth in diagnosis.


LiliF Diagnostics focuses on commercialization of technology to make it easier for customers who are actually using
a product with high technology through a simple, excellent and intuitive diagnostic system.
The motto of the LiliF Diagnostics brand is to maximize the value of customer satisfaction that any product realized
through our technology can be used with confidence. In addition, we pursue sustainable growth in the diagnostic
business by continuously innovating products and technologies and maintaining and developing excellent quality
management systems. LiliF Diagnostics has a unique portfolio of technologies that perform both molecular and
immunodiagnosis at the same time, and is building a value chain that can provide both early and rapid diagnostic
products to meet the needs of users who encounter LiliF Diagnostics.