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LiliF Vision

Through our ability, contribute to
the healthy life of a free Humanity
from Pandemic Disease


  • People & PD
  • Past, Present
    & Future
  • Quick
    & Rapid Diagnosis
LiliF Diagnostics



for MDx


In the diagnostic business, LiliF Diagnostics focuses on diseases that cause several threats to “people” and
“around people”. These threatening diseases include chronic diseases such as pandemic or Emerging Infectious Disease
(EID), which can pose a danger to humans in the past, present and future, as well as tumors and cancers that pose a
major threat to mankind by genetic factors. LiliF Diagnostics focuses on a variety of technologies and products for
"early / precision diagnostics" and "fast / estimate diagnostics" through molecular and immunochemical diagnostics.
LiliF Diagnostics is committed to continuous technology development and product development so that anyone in any
region of the world can easily use and perform accurate diagnosis. This will be realized through the development of
diagnostic medical devices and core materials for various platforms.